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Dogs’ Trust Visit
Year 3 were visited by Sarah from the Dogs’ Trust who shared advice about how to treat dogs that we know and that we don’t.
The children took an active role in the visit, asking important questions and deciding to make changes about the way that they see their own, and others’ dogs.
Cello Performance
Year 3 have had an especially lucky few weeks after also being treated to a performance from Miss Wadkin’s brother, a professional cellist.
The children were captivated by his performance and learned lots about volume, tone and tempo. The music was beautiful and we’re quite sure has planted a seed in some of the children to take up playing a musical instrument.  
Odd Socks Day  
On Monday 15th November, Glenfield took part in Odd Socks Day to mark the beginning of Anti-Bullying Week.
Children were encouraged to wear odd socks as a fun way of celebrating all that makes us unique and exciting. During the day, children were encouraged to think about the importance of being different and how we embrace those differences and include others. Over the week, children took part in a ‘Kindness’ assembly, thinking about acts of kindness that help and support one another.
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